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Best Stethoscope and Stethoscope Accessories For Health Care Workers

We’ve gone through the nitty-gritty details of a number of the best stethoscopes and stethoscope accessories and compiled them here so you can put together your own personalized stethoscope kit. It is so important for all kinds of medical professionals to choose the best stethoscopes for their line of work so as to improve their performance and diagnoses. The main stethoscope we will be focusing on today is the Welch Allyn 50739-321 Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope.

Best Stethoscopes and Stethoscope Accessories For Health Care Workers


ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- mdf-acoustica-deluxe-lightweight-dual-head-stethoscope

MDF® Acoustica® Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

2- primacare-classic-series-dualhead-stethoscope

Primacare DS-9290-BK Classic Series Adult Dual Head Stethoscope

3- cavn-dual-head-stethoscope

CAVN Dual Head Stethoscope

4- stethoscope-holder-hip-clip

Black Genuine Leather Stethoscope Holder Hip Clip

5- adc-218-lightweight-hip-clip

ADC 218 Lightweight Hip Clip Stethoscope Holster



Welch Allyn 5079-321 Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope



The Welch Allyn 5079-321 Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope provides a versatile, double-sided adjustable diaphragm chest piece with exceptional performance, plus high acoustic sensitivity. It’s a great pick for any medical professional looking to buy one stethoscope because it includes an adult diaphragm, pediatric diaphragm, and a bell. This stethoscope is often compared to the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope (also reviewed on our website!), making one another suitable alternatives for each other. This Harvey DLX Triple Head stethoscope is, however, priced much lower than other electronic stethoscopes.

  • New longer 28″ length full-range, cardiology/pulmonary stethoscope
  • Available with double-head (brass bell and flat diaphragm) or rotatable triple-head (brass bell and corrugated diaphragm) chest pieces
  • Pediatric chest pieces are available
  • Chrome-plated brass chest pieces and binaural
  • Rotatable binaural and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds


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Welch Allyn 5079-321 Harvey DLX Triple Head Stethoscope | Features

The Harvey DLX Triple Head stethoscope is unique from other stethoscopes we’ve reviewed in the past for one main reason: it is specially designed to amplify sound waves for medical professionals to be able to hear various cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds without the need to vary the pressure on the chest piece. We cannot say whether this makes this stethoscope ‘better,’ because every doctor has their own personal preference, but it is definitely easier to use. The tubing has also been upgraded to dual-bore tubing allowing for two continuous sound channels, thus improving doctors’ auscultation capabilities. Although it is one of the best stethoscopes, it is not ideal for use in urgent care or high-risk situations.

Stethoscope Accessories You May Like

1. 3M Littmann Stethoscope Spare Parts Kit



Littmann Stethoscopes is one of the best stethoscope brands currently available on the stethoscope market. Their stethoscopes are beloved by all medical professionals and students, making their products a must-have item. However, in the busy lives of doctors and such, it can be common to misplace items due to their overly busy minds and schedules. In case of such an emergency situation, Littmann Stethoscopes has come up with a ‘spare parts kit’ as a one-size-fits-all for all Littmann Stethoscopes.

  • Quality and reliability in one convenient package
  • Contains one tunable single piece diaphragm for the adult side of the stethoscope chest piece
  • Contains one tunable single piece diaphragm for the pediatric side of the stethoscope chest piece
  • Contains one non-chill bell sleeve
  • Contains Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips


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2. 3M Littmann 40007 Stethoscope Identification Tag



All medical professionals want the best stethoscopes, resulting in many of them having the exact same or similar one. To prevent any possible mishaps and confusion, Littmann Stethoscopes has released their 3M Littmann 40007 Stethoscope Identification Tag. It fits easily onto any Littmann Stethoscope by simply sticking on the nameplate and clipping it on. This can be a great gift for a medical professional in your life or anyone you know who may be entering the medical field.

  • I.D. The tag provides easy identification of the stethoscope
  • Includes 1 write-on and 1 engravable nameplate
  • Fits all models
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Package Dimensions: ‎6.38 x 4.13 x 1.42 inches; 1.13 Ounces


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3. Prestige Medical Analog Stethoscope Watch



Another one of the best stethoscope accessories is this Prestige Medical Analog Stethoscope Watch. It is battery-operated, ensuring long life and preventing any sudden ‘battery failures’ during medical professionals’ busy work shifts. Forgotten your watch at home? Running late for work and can’t go back? Not a problem, as long as you’ve got your stethoscope watch! It can attach to most stethoscope tubings and comes with a water-resistant case, making it a safe buy for you.

  • Prestige Medical Stethoscope watch
  • Attaches to all stethoscope tubing and features a 24-hour dial and a 15-second marked quadrant
  • Battery operated (stethoscope not included)


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4. The BAT CLIP Premium Leather Handmade Clip-on Stethoscope Hip Holder



This BAT CLIP Stethoscope Hip Holder was designed by an emergency-ward physician trying to solve the repetitive issue of misplacing his stethoscope. If you’ve done your research or are a medical professional, you know that stethoscopes are a huge investment when buying from a top-quality brand. It comes in a few fun colors (pink, purple, black, brown, green, blue) so you can match it to your stethoscope, scrubs, or even favorite shoes! It also makes a great gift. More background and details about the product can be found below.

      • DISTINCTIVE, PROFESSIONAL, TOP-OF-THE-LINE QUALITY. Individually made in Maine from hand-picked cowhides, the BAT CLIP holster provides an elegant carrying solution that matches the value that physicians (and all healthcare workers) place in their stethoscopes. Unlike the newer plastic hip clips, the BAT CLIP simply feels better in the hand. Its lineage includes the venerable leather doctor’s bag. Both improve with age and are built for a lifetime of proud distinguished use.
      • DESIGNED BY AN EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN His criteria for an ideal stethoscope carrying solution included extreme portability; durability against water, weather, and age; a fail-safe scope-securing mechanism; quick scope access; and simple scope reholstering.
      • 20 YEARS OF TESTING. The original prototype, from 1995, has undergone over a dozen substantive improvements based on the inventor’s use in his hospital, EMS, and rural developing world medical practices. Upgrades have included changes in materials (ballistic nylon to leather), fasteners (plastic to metal clips), shape (short to long wings), and even thread types. The fundamental driving force has always been to create the best stethoscope-carrying solution for real-world medical practice.
      • MANY STETHOSCOPE VARIANTS, ONE BAT CLIP. Based on feedback from doctors, nurses, paramedics, veterinarians, and medical students, the BAT CLIP is designed to accommodate many variations in scope design. Originally sized to work with the Littman Classic, the holder was redesigned in 2012 to work with scopes having a variety of head sizes. The BAT CLIP now fits most types of adult and pediatric stethoscopes, including single-head Cardiology and electronic or amplified stethoscopes.
      • NO-HASSLE WARRANTY. We’re proud of our products. (Our other one, the BAT CLIP SHEARS, includes titanium trauma scissors.) Unlike the makers of once-use disposable medical goods, we make BATCLIPs to last for a lifetime. Made with love and care in a small multi-generation family-owned leather shop, the BAT CLIP works better, lasts longer, and has achieved a superior reputation because of its success in actual use. Thus, if anything ever goes wrong with your BAT CLIP, we will repair or replace it.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Can You Diagnose With A Stethoscope?
Stethoscopes are used to detect body sounds such as heart sounds, click, murmurs, rubs, etc. Observing changes from what’s normal in these sounds in a patient’s body helps doctors look for signs of diseases they may suspect the patient has.

2. Can a stethoscope detect clogged arteries?
Although a doctor may use a stethoscope to listen to arteries, it is not a sufficient procedure to make such a diagnosis.

3. Can a stethoscope detect inflammation?
A stethoscope cannot detect inflammation, it requires other examinations such as CRP.

4. How do I choose a good stethoscope?
The most important thing to consider before purchasing a stethoscope is its intended purpose. If you are still a student, an entry-level stethoscope such as the 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope. Other factors include high-risk/low-risk environments, age, and size of patients, weight, distinctive features, etc.

5. How do you prevent stethoscopes from hurting your ears?
Choosing a stethoscope with comfortable ear tips is ideal. Some brands, such as the Littmann Stethoscope brand, have created ear tips designed to conform to your ears for maximum comfort.

6. Why do doctors listen to your back with a stethoscope?
Doctors listen to your back with a stethoscope to hear the sounds from their patients’ lungs and to detect any possible lung-related problems.


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