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Best Stethoscope for Doctors & Nurses

If you are planning to buy a stethoscope for doctors & nurses, it is very important that you should know what to look for and what to be wary of. Basically, the stethoscope is used for listening to the internal sounds produced inside the body as well as externally by various organs or tissues. It is used in examining the patient’s medical history, identifying possible abnormalities in the body and helping the physicians make their diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition. You might ask what are the benefits of buying and using a stethoscope.

Stethoscopes for nurses and doctors are different from each other

First of all, stethoscopes for nurses and doctors are different from each other. Most of the stethoscopes that are used by doctors have tube-like shapes with four points or bells on them. A stethoscope for nurses, however, has a tube-like shape with three points and a bell on its top. This type of stethoscope is used for the examination of the soft tissues of the abdomen and of the throat. It is also best used for checking the patient’s blood pressure and to aid the physicians when they are trying to locate a hernia or if they are trying to diagnose a disease in a specific part of the body.

In addition, stethoscopes for nurses are used in examining the inside of the rectum, the anus and the vagina. This is because these are areas where many infections occur. They can also be used to check the temperature and the heart rate of a person, as well as to hear and determine the quality and the loudness of the breathing of a person. This stethoscope can also be used to locate a foreign object in the body of a patient or to locate a laceration or wound in the skin of the patient.

There are a lot of stethoscopes that are available in the market today, which is why you should have some knowledge about them. Basically, stethoscopes are classified according to their sizes. The size of the stethoscope refers to the width and the length of the gadget. The height is another factor that is taken into account when it comes to stethoscopes. Doctors refer to the stethoscope’s level of elevation when determining whether the patient is comfortable or not. A stethoscope that is too high can scare a patient; while one that is too low can irritate him or her.

Tabletop & the wall-mounted types

When it comes to stethoscopes for nurses, there are mainly two types which include the tabletop and the wall-mounted types. The main difference between these two is the size of the gadget. A tabletop stethoscope is made up of a large, solid base and is lightweight. On the other hand, a wall-mounted stethoscope is made up of a lightweight case and a flexible tip. Because of its flexible tip, this stethoscope is preferred by nurses who have to perform breast exams on patients.

Looking for the best stethoscope can be quite tricky, especially if you want something that looks professional and impressive. Aside from the appearance, you also need to consider the materials used to make them. Most stethoscopes nowadays come with metallic or plastic bodies. These types are more durable and are also resistant to corrosion. You can find stethoscopes with metallic bodies in various colors like green, white, black, blue, silver, copper and stainless steel.

Wooden Stethoscopes

On the other hand, wooden stethoscopes are usually chosen by doctors or nurses who are more comfortable with the traditional look. The main advantage of using a wooden stethoscope is that they are less likely to acquire feedback, unlike the metallic or plastic ones. Another reason behind this is the feel of the wood. A wooden stethoscope feels much like your arm, so it can easily pick up sounds.

Now that you know what makes the ideal stethoscope for a doctor or a nurse, the next thing that you should do is to familiarize yourself with stethoscopes in general. If you want to be sure that you will be able to easily identify a stethoscope among many brands or models, then it would be better if you will try to look at some testimonials from previous or current users. There are websites that can offer this kind of service. Just make sure that you get your money’s worth because after all, this is your hard-earned money that you will be spending. Having a high-quality stethoscope for nurses everywhere will truly help their job easier and more convenient.

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