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If there is something that is totally necessary for medical students, doctors, nurses,  paramedics, therapists and emergency medical technicians, it is to have the best  stethoscope with which they can monitor the health of patients, since it allows them to have  knowledge of different fundamental parameters. But, choosing the best stethoscopes can  be usually challenging in terms of stethoscope prices. Because there a lot of kinds and  brands of stethoscopes. As both doctors and nurses do not want to make mistake, they need  to find to best stethoscopes. Although they choose mostly the brand “3M Littman”, you can  find another choices from good brands. So, we have searched the best stethoscopes at for you!

The Best Stethoscopes for Nurses – Stethoscopes Reviews

ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- Ever Ready First Aid Dual Head Stethoscope 4,006
2- PROHAPI Hard Stethoscope Case 3,570
3- 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Classic II 1,745
4- 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV 1,264
5- ADC – 600ST ADSCOPE 600 Cardiology Stethscope 746


1- MDF® Pulse Time® Teaching Stethoscope

The MDF Pulse Time has advanced features to even be a 21st century stethoscope. This is fully seen in the features for example it has a digital clock to check the time at any time. It also includes an LCD screen that allows you to view the results thrown at all times. Also, the Pulse Time should stand out because it has a membrane that comes equipped with a small clock with a duration of 2 hours for any type of sound amplification. The quality that is available in this stethoscope has been contained in every part of it. Its creators have made it free of any material toxic to health and does not contain latex to name a few other health chemicals. Inside it you can also get metal alloy that allows you to better hear the sounds of the organism when detected.

2- 3M Littmann Master Classic III Stethoscope

In second place is the Littmann MasterClassic III. Everybody knows that Littmann stethoscopes is one of the best stethoscopes. It is manufactured in different colors to contain more striking designs. This has offers buyers a very ergonomic and easy to use design that will not give many turns before being used with patients. It is possible to perceive from this model a very good acoustic sensitivity that allows us to know at all times what is happening with the patients. On the other hand, it has a tunable diaphragm that allows for better recording of sudden changes that may arise when listening to the internal beats. This is important as otherwise only high sounds may be heard and not low ones. In addition, its headset is very comfortable for the ear, which gives it a lot of ease to incorporate and listen to it. Its edge is immune from cold, it should be noted, making it comfortable to the touch. So, it can be best stethoscope for nurses and doctors.

3- ADC Platinum Edition ADSCOPE 615

This stethoscope of the American Diagnostic Corporation presents a model has an oval joint diaphragm. It allows the doctors or nurses to obtain multiple frequency responses by simply modifying the pressure on the chest.

Thanks to its PVC ferrules and 15-degree-angle, the use of this stethoscope is very comfortable on the ears. In addition, it has a rubber coating on the hood and diaphragm. They allow not to feel cold in the chest and back which provides comfort to the patient at all times.

4- Riester Germany Duplex 2.0 Deluxe Stethoscope

Riester Duplex Stethoscope that competes in this position has all the necessary ingredients for great use in the best professionals. This has for example a contact piece different from the rest of the mentioned parts, this is doubly milled with 44 mm, it is especially bilateral and made of aluminum. Its arches are another theme that deserves special mention in this product since it has an inner strap that is also multiple and manages to regulate the tight. As you may notice, the Riester Duplex is one of the best given these one-off advantages. In addition, it can be the best stethoscope for nursing students in terms of stethoscope prices.

5- 3M Littmann Master Cardiology

The 3m Littmann Master Cardiology is profiled as a stethoscope perfectly designed for coronary diseases. This does not indicate that it neglects other sections. It has a dual frequency that allows specialists to better listen to the beats coming from the heart. This has made it gain a lot of Fame among specialists of this type of diseases, in addition its double hose system has a lot of quality since it is supported on a double spring to adjust to the ears without inconvenience. In the same way, its membrane is positioned very well because it is made of very good quality specifically since it has an extra coating so that it does not deteriorate and you feel a lot of security when picking it up. Another important element is that it does not have Nickel in its manufacture, making it safe for health.

6- MDF ProCardial ER Premier

MDF ProCardial Er Premier has a level of detail that makes it very attractive from every point of view. Let’s start by talking about its double steel head that makes it completely stainless and that gives it a considerable service life. We have on the other hand its versatility when changing from one age to another since a well-grounded Cardiological Bell is available to be used in adults and children. The ER Premier stands out because despite being quite thin in terms of its overall construction, it has a robustness that does not allow it to be damaged by external agents such as corrosion. It has also been built with some PVC elements so that the acoustics of the same is even better in closed spaces. Finally, noteworthy is the fact that its membrane has SOUNDTIGHT GLS technology that allows to completely isolate the sound to hear for better identification.


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Question and Answer

1. Do you know how to use a stethoscope?

The diaphragm in the stethoscope is placed on the patient’s body. Sounds vibrate the diaphragm and thus create acoustic pressure waves to the stethoscope hose. The pressure waves are transmitted to the empty metal headsets and the doctor’s ears.

2. Who invented the first stethoscope?

French physician René Laennec invented the first stethoscope using a long, rolled-up paper tube to channel sound from the patient’s chest to the ear. The acoustic properties of the tube greatly improved Laennec’s ability to hear vital heart and lung sounds. Laennec coined the name “stethoscope” from two Greek words: stethos (chest) and skopein (to see or observe).


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