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When you say stethoscope, everyone thinks that 3M Littmann or MDF are the best. These brands really offer both quality and highly technological features. Especially 3M Littmann is far ahead of its competitors in the stethoscope sector. Naturally, as quality and technology increase, prices also increase. If you are a medical student, it may be more advantageous to have good and cheap stethoscope. Because no one expects you to do wonders during training. You just start with a standard model to find answers to questions such as what is a stethoscope, how to use a stethoscope. As your experience increases, you can have the best Littmann stethoscope. In this article, we have compiled cheap stethoscope for new students. In the continuation of the article, you will know about price-performance stetecopes. Even we have found the best cheap stethoscope at

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ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- MDF Instruments NEO 25
2- Oriolus Hard Case Compatible 201
3- 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope 55,637
4- ADSCOPE 600 Cardiology Stethscope 743
5- Stethoscope DS-9290-BK– Stethoscope – Double Head Stethoscope 1,902


Cheap Stethoscope – 1- ADC ADSCOPE 619

In first place is the US cardiac stethoscope ADC ADSCOPE 602. This stylish black device from the arc to the head is 71 cm long. It is convenient to use for diagnosing low noise and high frequency with the corresponding change of the head, when touching the edge of which there is no feeling of cold. It is a technological AFD membrane with an adjustable frequency of high sensitivity. Transmits smaller noises than stainless steel olives help to catch the ear: they do not lose sound thanks to Adsoft PVC molds. Cardiology headband with binaural arms fixed at an angle of 150, contribute to a comfortable fit of the stethoscope in the doctor’s ears and better hearing. The tube is double, it is made of flexible PVC that maintains mobility and elasticity throughout the life of the stethoscope. The total weight of the medical device is 215 grams (Bell for adult diagnosis) and 243 grams with a pediatric diaphragm. The kit includes a hood, ear molds, a nameplate.

Cheap Stethoscope – 2- Primacare DS-9290-BK Classic

Primacare DS-9290-BK Classic can be one of the cheapest stethoscopes in the category of mechanical stethoscopes. It is ideal for pediatric diagnosis due to the bright colors of the tubes. The double-sided rotating head is designed for working with children: it is reduced, it is equipped with an elastic membrane, the edge does not cool when listening. A conductive tube 55 cm long with thick walls does not suppress noise, conical vinyl olives contribute to its preservation in the auricle, but the fit of the Chrome tubes is too strong: the spring is elastic, but it exerts too much pressure on the ears, this is noticed by all ordinary people and doctors who use this stethoscope. The device has a membrane, its diameter of 35 mm contributes to susceptibility to a narrow spectrum of sounds.

Cheap Stethoscope – 3- CAVN Dual Head Stethoscope

CAVN Dual Head Stethoscope with an adjustable handle and a floating membrane with a diameter of 42 mm. This device can be identified by the serial number printed on a golden double-headed metal head. By the way, it can be switched from low to high frequencies to diagnose problems in different organs. The total length from the massive head to the olive adjustable ear is 75 cm, the diagnosis is conveniently made while maintaining a comfortable distance between the patient and the doctor. At the same time, the sound quality is outstanding, the noise of the fingers is leveled, just like other sound background from the outside. A mobile membrane, which adapts to body reliefs as accurately as possible, also contributes to good audibility-it is able to transmit noise under the skin up to 120 mm. The two-tube stethoscope system for better sound conductivity and improved diagnostic accuracy. CAVN Dual Head Stethoscope is widely used by medical students such as nurses and doctors. They receives only positive reviews, so it will not be redundant in a home medicine cabinet with skillful handling it will help diagnose various diseases in the early stages.

4- Ajax Scientific SO035-0000 Stethoscope

Ajax Scientific SO035-0000 Stethoscope is prominent at in terms of stethoscope prices. It has double tube configuration. This feature provides the younger students good experinces. Due to its simple design, it can be used by safely student nurses and doctors. It has a black bell dual stem plastic chest piece. And it comes with a head set of plated brass binaural with plastic earpieces. This medical device is the cheapest stethoscope at the website. If you are student, you can start your medical career with Ajax Scientific SO035- 0000 Stethoscope. But you should not expect the same quality and performance on 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

5- MDF® Dual Head Lightweight Stethoscope

The MDF Dual Head Lightweight Stethoscope combines the quality and durability of high end models at an affordable price. In addition to having everything you need to get an acoustic diagnosis of lungs, this stethoscope is lightweight and has a non-chilling edge. Soft silicone hearing aids in three sizes ensure that you will get the right fit that is also comfortable. An additional advantage is that the tube is so long that it gives space to the patient and the nurse. This budget selection comes in 23 colors and receives outstanding feedback from nurses for its price and performance. Many say that this works best for listening to the heart and lungs and that the headset is comfortable to wear all day.


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Question and Answer

1. When was the stethoscope invented?

The stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by the French physician René Laennec. The creation of the stethoscopes meant a half-century advance in medicine in the exploration and description of certain diseases. He specified their differentiation and diagnosis. Thanks to the invention of Laënec and the publication of his work in 1819: “Mediated auscultation or Treatise on diagnosis of diseases of the lungs and heart based mainly on this new means of exploration”. Today all doctors, nurses and any other medical workers and also even patients are very grateful to the French physician René Laennec. Since 1816, the sounds from our body inside has more clear thanks to him.


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