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Is it Time to Ditch the Stethoscope?

What’s the answer, is it time to ditch the stethoscope? The answer is no. There are several good reasons why you should still have a stethoscope in your medical tool box. You need it to be able to hear the heartbeat, to check fluid levels and blood pressure, and even to check air quality in your home. But, in most cases, having a stethoscope isn’t really doing anything anymore than making you look more qualified.

Heart rate

It used to be that a stethoscope was used primarily to check your heart rate. It was a great way to make sure that you were getting a proper workout. But, today, even medical professionals are asking themselves whether this tool is any longer useful. After all, with all the devices that are being put in patients’ pockets to track their blood pressure and heart rate, why bother measuring things with a stethoscope?

Well, for one thing, a stethoscope is a medical device. Medical devices are always going to be subject to improvement and change. The stethoscope is no exception. Just because a new computerized device is better than the old one doesn’t mean it’s any good at what it does. In fact, many professionals are asking how come that we continue to use something like a stethoscope that has so many flaws. We need to stop and ask ourselves if we really need all those unnecessary features and gadgetry!

Let’s say for example that you’re taking a physical exam. While you’re sitting there watching your heart rate, you might as well be recording your vitals with a stethoscope too. Why is this?

It’s simple

If a stethoscope can’t read your heart rate properly, then it’s not doing its job properly. Just like a calculator can’t determine how much an object weighs without measuring it, a stethoscope can’t determine correct values of other medical parameters. It can’t measure blood pressure or lung capacity.

What can it do?

Well, it can detect problems with your readability, provide you with a correct reading, and in some situations, it can provide the feeling of being “grounded”. The stethoscope is a diaphragm, just like your body. It can’t provide feelings or comfort on its own!

So now that we’ve established that the stethoscope isn’t doing its job properly, what do we do about it? Is it time to ditch the stethoscope? Absolutely not! Not only is a stethoscope important during examinations, but they’re also incredibly valuable for the patient! Doctors constantly monitor their patients, and a stethoscope is the perfect tool to help them do so.

If you’re ever in a situation where you may feel unwell or need a check-up, don’t hesitate to use your stethoscope. They’re perfectly acceptable throughout most of the day, even in the operating room. Just keep in mind that it’s ultimately your responsibility to maintain your health, and taking care of yourself is always the best way to go!

So why do you think doctors are so quick to check things out with their stethoscopes?

Well, firstly they obviously know what they’re looking for! Unlike you and me, they have spent countless hours studying anatomy! And if your stethoscope isn’t working correctly, it’s likely that they’ll find out exactly what’s wrong and fix it for you. This means less discomfort for both you and them!

Another reason why doctors are so quick to check out things with their stethoscopes is because they can easily see who should and shouldn’t be using that particular stethoscope. For example, I recently had to undergo an exam at my local hospital, and when I went in to talk to the attending physician he instantly knew that my stethoscope was out of order! This wasn’t good at all, and the nurse who was accompanying me was completely unaware of what was going on. Fortunately, I was taken care of immediately, but it could have been a lot worse had I been left with no stethoscope to properly check things out.

Let’s face it, if you’re in pain, you need to get help. And sometimes help comes in the form of a very basic tool such as a stethoscope. Don’t you agree with me when we say that in order to help a person while they are in excruciating pain, it’s far more useful to just give them something that will help alleviate the problem? If it’s a simple enough thing like a stethoscope, then no one would be any wiser to try and diagnose you without proper tools. Besides, it’s just something around us, right?

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