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Stethoscopes for Nurses 2021

Stethoscopes for Nurses are at the forefront of every hospital and were considered essential workers, especially after the pandemic. They deserve respect and comfort for all their hard work which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best stethoscopes for nurses so they can relax and pick the best one while we do the hard work of research for them. After all, they never compromise in taking care of us.

1. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope (for every Nurse and Nursing Student out there)

Starting at number 1 is the, you guessed it, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E Stethoscope and why wouldn’t it be? 3M Littmann is known for making the best quality stethoscopes and for a very good reason.

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality stethoscope that works in multiple nursing fields, we recommend the 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E Stethoscope. It is an entry-level stethoscope, the lightest of all the ones available out there by the best company 3M Littmann. This Stethoscope was made by keeping in mind comfort and efficiency therefore perfect for nurses. Despite its lightweight, 3M Littmann did not compromise on quality and effectiveness as this stethoscope holds its own in its acoustic results. Get this to never compromise on quality and comfort.

  • Used for blood pressure readings and making physical assessments of adult patients
  • Tunable diaphragm with a pressure change which reads low and high-frequency sounds
  • Comes in a Teardrop shape for customizable fit under blood pressure cuff
  • Ergonomic headset
  • Non-chill rim and diaphragm for optimal comfort
  • Item Weight: 3.52 ounces Length: 28 inches
  • Two-year warranty


ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- 71feclGBK2L. SL1500
3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope
2- 81ES15UTP8L. SL1500
MDF Graffiti Black MD One Epoch Lightweight Titanium Stethoscope
3- 3m-littmann-lightweight-II-SE-stethoscope
PARAMED Stethoscope
4- 61TX689nxvL. SL1500
3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope
5- 61Xv8bMLOQS. SL1500
3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Classic II


MDF Graffiti Black MD One Epoch Lightweight Titanium Stethoscope (For STYLE and quality)

A great stylish option for nurses is the lightweight Stethoscopes is the MDF Graffiti Black MD One Epoch Lightweight Stethoscope. Who says you have to compromise on style when you’re out in the field doing medical work? MDF gives you so many cool style options that it becomes impossible to choose the best ones! Ranging from Rose Gold to Kaleidoscope chest pieces to having the option of tie-dye headsets, MDF towers over all its competitors with its amazing range of designs and comfortable lightweight stethoscope, it does it all and does it well. So, get ready nurses for great OOTDS male or female, never compromise on style.

– Graffiti Tube and Black Chestpieces-Headset.

– Dimensions: ‎ 11.65 x 8.9 x 1.93 inches; 13.44 Ounces

– Lifetime Warranty, Free-Parts-for-Life Program, Latex-Free

– Titanium Construction, Dual-leaf spring construction and Patented SafetyLock Eartip Adaptors

– Comes with 3 pairs of MDF ComfortSeal™ ear tips: Small, Regular, and Large

2. PARAMED Stethoscope – Classic Dual Head (Budget-Friendly Nurse Stethoscope)

Did someone say a good quality Stethoscope for $22 only? That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you, this amazing stethoscope retails for only $22 and competes with the likes of 3M Littmann. Not only that, the Paremed stethoscope comes with an extra diaphragm, an accessory case, AND extra ear tips. This sounds like a too-good-to-be-true deal so what are you waiting for? All the reviewers are raving about its quality! So, if you don’t feel like breaking the bank, get this deal.

– The stethoscope is capable of 360 Degree rotating for lower and higher frequencies.

– Equipped with 4 ear tips, varying from Small, to Medium, to Large

– Includes Dual-head Stethoscope, 4x Ear Tips, Extra Diaphragm, Name Tag & an Accessory case.

– Latex-free

3. 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope (For Hard-hearing Nurse and Nursing Students)

This digital Stethoscope is as accurate as it gets. The 3M Littmann Digital Stethoscope provides 40x the amount of amplification of a standard stethoscope. This is suited for health care professionals and those who desire extreme accuracy in their readings, and it is also FDA approved. It has a corresponding app on your phones, on iOS and android both, and backs up all your data neatly in a file. With an additional noise-canceling property, this product is great for those looking for extra clarity. If you are hearing impaired, this is a great option for you. We saw many hearing-impaired nurses give high reviews to this stethoscope. It is one of the best stethoscopes for nurses hard of hearing in the market currently.

– Connects to Eko software to visualize heart sound waveforms

– 40x amplification and active noise cancellation option provided

– Option between analog and amplified listening modes

– Soft-sealing ear tips provide an acoustic seal and comfort fit; the chest piece is Tunable, dual-sided made of stainless steel with open or closed bell

– Comes with Digit Stethoscope, Chestpiece, Tube, Stem, and Headset

– Dimensions: ‎ 1.75 x 6.75 x 14.75 inches; 3.07 Ounces

– Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery included.

4. 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Classic II (Good Value for Money Option)

Last but certainly not least is the 3M Littmann Stethoscope Master Classic II. If you don’t believe the hype, then believe the award this stethoscope won for its ergonomic design. This high-performance stethoscope should be on your wishlists, with its excellent acoustics and tunable diaphragm. It is a solid option for entry-level stethoscopes, perfect our brilliant, hard-working nurses. Its also designed to be latex-free for those who are sensitive to the material.

– Award-winning acoustic sensitivity with dependable diagnostic performance.

– Diaphragm is tunable and respond well to simple pressure change for recording low and high-frequency sounds

– Angled ergonomic headset, latex-free

– Diaphragm Diameter 1.73 inches

– Headset Material is made of wide diameter aerospace alloy/Anodized aluminum

– Black Tube, Black Chestpiece, Black Eartubes, 27 inches, 2141



What is the best stethoscope for a critical care/Intensive Care Unit nurse?

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV

As a critical care nurse, you will need a cardiology-grade level stethoscope, for enhanced auscultation which cuts down on the background noise. We believe 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Cardiology IV provides that to you in its ability to catch sounds of high frequency with its dual-lumen tubing. The headset in addition is adjustable, with soft ear tips offering you optimal comfort on the go.

– Black Tube, Black Chestpiece, 27 Inch

– Can detect subtle changes in patients’ blood pressure, lungs, and heart.

– Very optimal for use in critical care and Cardiac Intensive Care Units.

– Ergonomic and high-profile construction; chest piece is 40% larger than an average Littmann stethoscope chest piece and the bell is 60% than an average Littmann stethoscope bell.

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5. What is the best stethoscope for a new nurse?

MDF Acoustica Lightweight Stethoscope

We believe that the best stethoscope for a new nurse would be the MDF Acoustica Lightweight Stethoscope. We know the budget requires something of good quality but at the same time not compromising on the acoustics. We have you covered with a super budget-friendly option. Not only does this look super professional, but it is also easy to clean, latex-free, and has amazing reviews from nurses. So before breaking the bank, consider the amounts of times your stethoscope could get lost and dirty especially when you’re new, and pick the option which provides you value for money and is replaceable!

– Full Lifetime Warranty and Free-Parts-For-Life Program

– Lightweight and delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and stomach with a focus on acoustic clarity and integrity.

– The chest piece is designed with a rotating stem with quality material for capturing high and low frequencies.

– It is handcrafted from premium aluminum for durability.

– Includes an ErgonoMax headset, with a patented dual-leaf spring construction, patented Acoustic Pyramid Chamber, and a patented safety lock Eartip. It is also Latex Free.

– Includes 3 pairs of Small, Regular, and Large MDF ComfortSeal clear ear tips, an extra diaphragm, ID tag, Lifetime Warranty, and Free Parts for Life program enrolment.

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6. What is the best stethoscope brand for nursing students?

Dual Head Stethoscope for Medical and Home by FriCARE

Retailing at only $13, nursing students need to get their hands on the Dual Head Stethoscope. If you don’t believe this price could get you this good of a product, check out their almost 4000 5-star reviews! A lot of nurses and doctors rate this product highly. As nursing students, you need something that is replaceable but also does not compromise on quality. It contains a detailed user manual so you can learn how to use the stethoscope properly! Plus, 5 years warranty!

– Classic Lightweight Design

– The Metal O-rings on the diaphragm side are easily removable. It prevents cross-infection keeping everyone safer.

– The turntable chest piece and flexible tubing provide a flexible hearing range of sounds.

– Latex-free and matte finish tubing

– Includes ear tips, diaphragm replacement, name tag, and detailed user manual.

– 5 years basic service guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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7. What is the best stethoscope for cardiac nurses?

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Master Cardiology

The best stethoscope for Cardiac nurses requires amazing sound quality in order to find the difference in the different heart sounds with ease. The chest piece for the best cardiac stethoscopes is normally bi-lumen, converted into a single tube so that no distracting noise is made from the tubes rubbing together. This stethoscope performs exceptionally well so do give it a go.

– Black Tube, Black Chestpiece, 27 inch

– This specific Chestpiece gives a very high acoustic performance with a smooth design

– The tunable diaphragm responds to subtle pressure changes to capture low and high-frequency sounds.

– Two-in-one tube design which reduces noise interference from the two external tubes rubbing together

– Special-Procedures Adaptor is included for pediatric auscultation.

– Ergonomic design

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8. What is the best pediatric stethoscope for nurses?

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Pediatric

3M Littmann Stethoscope, Classic II Pediatric is the best pediatric stethoscope for nurses. The pediatric stethoscope is usually very similar to classic ones except for the fact that the headpiece is smaller, and the diaphragm is specifically tailored for pediatric bodies. Professionals have used this one for infants as young as two months old. Another benefit you get that you don’t see a lot is the variety of colors this stethoscope comes in to make it more child-friendly. Moreover, the small bell doesn’t pick up a lot of background noise that other bells tend to so get your hands on this before it gets away.

– Chest piece is dual-sided, providing high acoustic sensitivity with the floating diaphragm.

– Ergonomic design and suitable for pediatric patients

– Latex-free materials

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