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What is the Difference Between Littmann and Stethoscope?

What is the main difference between stethoscope and Littmann stethoscope? Is one better than the other? What do you need to know when choosing between these two medical devices? This article aims to help you understand the difference between these two stethoscopes, so you can make an informed decision about which kind of stethoscope best suits your needs. We will also discuss some of the features that make each one a top choice for its intended users.

What are the differences between stethoscope models offered by Littman?

They offer two kinds of stethoscopes, pediatric and adult. A stethoscope is a light weighted medical instrument, which has the ability to measure and hear blood flow, with the aid of an external sounder. The stethoscope’s external sounder is what makes it possible to differentiate between heart attacks, abnormal heart rhythms, lung problems and other medical indications. The additional advantage of the external sounder is that the stethoscope can be used in conjunction with other medical equipment such as an ECG, monitoring equipment or even a computerised monitoring system. A lightweight stethoscope can therefore be very convenient for travelling and as such it is usually less expensive than its bulkier counterparts such as the Cardiology Stethoscope or the VenaCordic Stethoscope.

Littman stethoscopes are often used in many different situations than those of stethoscope manufacturers such as Philips, Jitterbug or hospitalet. For instance, Littman can be used for performing a number of different medical tests, which can range from cardiology, gynecology and even ear surgery. Littman also has a number of additional features that are unique to them such as their shock-absorbing ability. This feature ensures that the wearer remains much more comfortable during their examinations. The extra padding also helps medical professionals to reduce stress on their bodies during the examinations.

Another main difference between the two stethoscopes is that the Littmann is more versatile than the Philips. With the VenaCordic or the open bell stethoscope, they have the ability to accommodate many different types of bell and tube combinations. This is due to the shape of the tubes which are elongated and wide in diameter. This allows the stethoscope to adapt easily to the different environments in which it is used.

There are a number of other differences between the two stethoscopes and although many people will be able to tell the difference it may not always be obvious to the untrained eye. The main feature that differentiates the two is the type of connector that they use. Both of the brands use what is known as flexible diaphragms but the Littman brand uses a larger and more flexible connector compared to the Philips. This is primarily because of the fact that the connectors tend to be larger in diameter and there is a greater amount of space available for them to attach themselves to the stethoscope with greater ease. It is, therefore, easier for medical professionals to place and adjust them on the patient’s body without the worry of the adaptability becoming an issue.


One of the other key differences is in the price point. The Littman brand is cheaper than the Philips although the Acoustics is slightly more expensive than the Philips too. It is important that all patients, regardless of their budget, can find a stethoscope that suits them in terms of style, comfort and price point. Acoustics pricing is also a consideration as the more expensive models tend to have better quality and higher levels of acoustics. The Acoustics price point is usually determined by the cardiology stethoscope brand.


Durability is another key factor, and this can be a decisive factor for some people. Littman has been manufacturing stethoscopes for many years and they are renowned for their durability, rugged reliability and the ability to stand up to difficult conditions such as extremely low temperatures. They offer a one year limited manufacturer warranty on all of their units and a thirty-day replacement parts warranty. Phillips on the other hand only offers a one year limited warranty on their units but this is because the manufacturer is able to control how often they replace the parts.

There is a great deal of debate about which brand of stethoscope is better, the Philips Ortoplace or the Littmann Ventral. Both brands offer high-quality stethoscopes that will meet the needs of their healthcare professionals. However, there is something about the Littman Ventral that sets it apart from the Philips model. This is simply because of the extensive warranty that comes with each model.

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